The Wärme Firebox 60 is here

July 20, 2019 Hans Müller

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is more than just a useful feature in your home: it’s a statement. It says to your guests that you’ve made it - you can furnish your home with the most stylish features, and you aren’t afraid to make a point. 

The Wärme Firebox 60 is here. It features a range of smart technologies that make it so much better than the competition.


The Wärme Firebox 60 Versus The Best-Selling Wärme Firebox 50

The Wärme Firebox 50 is our best selling product: a 50-inch-wide wall mounted fireplace which a stunning array of features and settings. The Wärme Firebox 60 builds on this tried-and-tested platform, offering you an additional 10 inches of width, providing greater wall coverage and visual impact.  

Patent “Haze” Flame Technology

The Wärme Firebox 60 comes with a patented flame “haze” technology which looks just like real flames. You can bask in the warm glow of what looks like a genuine fireplace, all without the usual dangers of a live fire.

Change The Colour Of Your Flame

Don’t like orange or yellow flames? Then why not switch it up with something else, like blue. The Wärme Firebox 60 allows you to customize flame colors according to your mood. Use blue flames in the morning to warm your cockles during the day time in the winter months, or switch to a relaxing orange for long, crisp evenings in the fall. 

Adjust Temperature Output

The problem with an open fire is that you can’t adjust the temperature output. But with the Wärme Firebox 60 you can with the flick of a button. The Wärme Firebox 60 comes with two heat settings, 1000W and 2000W depending on your needs. 

Adjust The Temperature With Your Very Own Remote Control

Getting up off the sofa to change the temperature of your fireplace is a hassle. You’d rather sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings without having to get up every five minutes to change settings. With the Wärme Firebox 60 remote control, you can change the temperature and a bunch of other features - including flame color - without having to stand up or move. Just press a button as you would on your TV remote control, and away you go. 

Safe Around TVs

Traditionally, you had to keep your TV and fireplace in separate locations. The output of the fire could potentially damage the TV, meaning that you had to mount the TV on one wall and the fireplace on another. 

The problem, of course, is that not everybody has two walls they can dedicate to a TV or fireplace. And furthermore, some people want the option of being able to mount the two in one place for interior design reasons. With the Wärme Firebox 60, you can install the unit underneath the TV to create an in-vogue 2019 look. 

Create The WOW Factor

The superwide 60-inch Wärme Firebox 60 creates an impact whenever you enter the room and builds on the impact of the Wärme Firebox 50. It acts as the perfect centerpiece.

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