Why Choose a Panel Heater?

March 05, 2018 Hans Müller

Over the last few years, panel heaters have rapidly gained popularity as the technology put into them has improved greatly. These wall mounted convection heaters not only look good in any room with their sleek design and dynamic settings, but are also easy to use and programme.

Like your ordinary heating, panel heaters can be set to come on at particular times and maintain a stable room temperature of your choice. This makes them a great option if you prefer to have different rooms set to different temperatures. For example, many people would rather have a cooler bedroom than living space and so might programme their panel heaters to different temperatures to ensure that they have the best atmosphere in each room.

In this article, we will explore what panel heaters are, how they work and how cost effective they are as well as take some further advantages into consideration.

What is a Panel Heater?

A panel heater is a type of electric heater that you can mount on the wall. You can put panel heaters anywhere you like, as long as there is a 30cm clearance at the top and bottom of the panel to allow for the convection current and a nearby power socket. As panel heaters are usually IP22 waterproof, you can also use them in the kitchen and bathroom with complete confidence.

Panel heaters are a popular choice due to their slim design and fast acting heat. They work particularly well in smaller spaces or spaces you use infrequently as they provide instant heat as soon as they are switched on meaning that you don’t have to wait around before you can comfortably use the room.

How Does a Panel Heater Work?

To understand how a panel heater works, first you must understand how a radiator works. Radiators heat rooms by heating the people and objects in them, bringing the room temperature up gradually. This has long been a preferred method as the heat remains for a while after the radiator has been switched off, but it does take a lot of energy to get to that point.

A panel heater doesn’t do this; instead, it creates a convection current, pushing warm air to the ceiling to force cool air down and into the heater. This method means that as soon as you have switched on the panel heater, you will feel a warm current of air moving through the room. So, if you are looking for a method to quickly heat a room, especially if you are only going to be in that particular room for a short amount of time, panel heaters are probably the best way to go.

Are Panel Heaters Cost-Effective?

To decide whether a panel heater is more cost-effective or not, you need to consider how you plan to use the space you want to heat. Panel heaters are ideal for rapidly heating rooms but as they are convection heaters, not radiators, this heat will be lost quite quickly once the heater is switched off. On the other hand, radiators take a long time to heat up and cool down so if you want to use a room, you will need to wait much longer for it to heat up.

So, a panel heater will always be a more cost-efficient method for heating rooms that are used infrequently, like a conservatory for instance, and achieving the right temperature quickly, but for a larger room in constant use, like a living area, a radiator is probably a better choice. For the best balance of heating solutions, you should probably use both panel heaters and regular electric radiators to ensure that your rooms are always the right temperature.

Further Advantages of Panel Heaters

Unlike radiators which can be altered by simply twisting the dial at the base, panel heaters tend to have a more dynamic user control, including setting the time, programming when the heater should go on and off throughout the week and a child lock, which can be activated and deactivated with a short series of buttons. This combination of technology, right at your fingertips means that you have more effective control of the heating in your rooms and can make changes without having to reprogramme the boiler and figure out how to make changes. The child lock is also a good feature as it means that whatever settings you apply won’t be messed up by curious little fingers.

Panel heaters also offer you a more dynamic range of temperatures as you can programme the heater over the 24 hour period of each day. This is a huge advantage if your panel heaters are the main source of heating in your house as it means that you can arrange your heating around your daily routine. For example, if you know that the house will always be empty on a Wednesday evening, then you can programme the heating not to come on between the times your are out and start heating the house again when you are in.

Another advantage of the panel heater is its sleek design. In modern homes, design is incredibly important and having a slimmer heater is a valuable asset as it means that you aren’t having to plan your interior design around it. Furthermore, as the panel heater works by convection, it can be placed higher up the wall, as long as it is still close to a power socket. The advantage here is that you have more options about where you place your heaters and can avoid blocking them with large pieces of furniture like sofas and beds.

Choosing a panel heater is a good way to bring your family home a much more dynamic method of heating. As each panel can be programmed individually, you have much greater control of the temperature in each room and can easily change the temperature when your needs change. Investing in panel heaters is a smart move for anyone looking for a better way to heat their home. They might just be the very thing you have been looking for.  

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