About us

"Night storage heaters are an 8 track tape living in the digital world!"

It all started when I was refurbishing my own flat.  It had the standard ‘hearing aid beige’ night storage heaters that are an eyesore, cannot be covered nor painted, or instantly controlled if the rooms were too hot or too cold.

With no gas in my building, I set out to see what my options were for a designer electric wall heater.  The answer was that my options were very limited, although I couldn’t understand why.

The only stylish electric wall heaters I could find were well out of my budget and, as such, I set out to change that and create a modern, designer style, economical, low cost electric wall heater that you would be proud to have on your wall as a feature.

I teamed up with a manufacturer with over 30 years experience in producing electric wall heaters and we designed and patented the Wärme Designer Glass Panel Electric Wall Heater.

We gained both the European Conformity marking and the German Standards marking and now we sell our product across 27 countries.

As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers needs without anything getting in our way.  We invest in engineering, research, customer support, and great design.

That’s enough about us – let’s talk about you!

We are always looking for new designs and ideas, so should you feel you have something that you’d like to show me; send it to me.  If you have some product feedback; email it to me.  If you would like to become a trade supplier; call me.  If you want to become a retailer; lets meet up.

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