Save 50% on your heating bills with 'Zonal Heating'

March 30, 2016 Hans Müller

Energy efficient electric heaters can help lower energy costs whether your property is large or small.

Large properties cost more to heat... 

This is obvious and something many of us would consider when buying or refurbishing a larger house. By living in a larger home, you don’t have to consign yourself to years of sky-high heating bills however; with 'zonal heating' and a 100% energy efficient electric heater you can keep your heating bills low, and even a large home cosy year-round. 

One of the hazards of having many rooms is not using all of them, all of the time. If you have bedrooms with no-one staying in them, or living areas that don’t get much use, it’s a waste of energy - not to mention money - to keep them heated to the same level as the rest of the house. With ordinary central heating you can either turn off your radiators, or turn them right down, both of which aren’t ideal solutions. Our clever electric radiators can be pre-set not only with your preferred temperature, but with a preferred heating schedule as well, which might change from day to day and at different times of day. That means you can heat your rooms on an individual basis to fit in with your lifestyle.

Heating a large home can be a particular worry during winter, when temperatures plunge and your home is at risk from frozen pipes, condensation and other damaging occurrences. Our designer energy efficient electric heaters have a special ‘anti-frost’ mode which stops rooms falling below 5 degrees. This means that even in the coldest weather, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your little-used rooms won’t suffer from the kind of damage that cold weather can bring. 

Traditional radiators are normally located right underneath windows, allowing cold air to escape the room rather than heating it up. With an energy efficient electric heater, all you need is a plug socket nearby, allowing you to locate it in the right place both to heat your room, and to fit around the rest of your furniture. With slim profiles they’re extremely space-efficient, meaning that you can fit our energy efficient electric heaters around your furniture, rather than the other way around. 

What did OVO Energy say the answer was?

In fact, OVO Energy recently published an aritcle that said the NUMBER ONE FACTOR in reducing your energy bills should be..... ZONAL HEATING.

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