Wärme designer electric panel heaters beat traditional radiators

May 19, 2016 Hans Müller

Electric panel heaters not only look better than traditional radiators, but they also fit around your furniture rather than the other way around.

Underneath a window, for example, where the heat escapes straight upwards, or against that wall you’d really like to put a desk next to.  If only the radiator didn’t take up all the space!

Customers thinking about making the switch to Wärme designer electric panel heaters are often concerned with the amount of space it will take up; after all, old electric storage heaters are also big and bulky (and a million miles away from stylish), and they worry that modern electric panel heaters might be the same.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that the Wärme designer electric panel heater is just 8cm front to back!

Like all new gadgets, the Wärme designer electric panel heater fits the maximum tech into the minimum area, meaning you’ll be surprised at how slim they are.  Of course, a certain panel area is still required for heating your room, but it won’t jut out from the wall like storage heaters do, plus you can fit it higher than regular heating and well above furniture levels.

At just 80mm deep, the Wärme designer electric panel heater is one of the slimmest electric radiators on the market and when you see it in person, you’ll be amazed at how little space it takes up.

Get used to hearing your friends say "Wow!  What's that?  It looks like a TV!".

With a modern digital display, it’s fully programmable so you can set you heating to come on at any time of day, to whichever temperature you prefer.

The Wärme designer electric panel heater is made from lightweight materials so it is perfect for wall mounting. Unlike traditional radiators which can be extremely heavy, you’ll find them easy to install or move if needed.

Check out to find out more about the Wärme designer electric panel heater.


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