Programmed Home Heating with a Wärme designer electric heater with thermostat.

May 26, 2016 Hans Müller

An Electric heater with thermostat is the perfect way to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate your home heating, not just to come on at certain times of day, but to keep your home comfortable whatever the weather outside?  Knowing that if it turns cold when you’re at work, you’ll still come home to a toasty warm house, and likewise if the sun comes out your heating won’t be blasting away unnecessarily.

With a Wärme designer electric heater with thermostat, automating your home heating is easy.

Our slimline and comfort control designer glass panel heater has an individual thermostat timer, allowing you to set your desired temperature for each day of the week and each hour of the day.  This means that your heating can easily fit in around your lifestyle, coming on earlier in the week and later on the weekends, for example.

As the Wärme designer electric heater has its own thermostat, you’ll even be able to control your home’s temperature on a room by room basis (otherwise known as Zonal Heating).

This may take a little longer to set up in the first instance, but once you’ve programmed all of your new heaters you’ll find that they work together to monitor the temperature in different parts of your home, and heat each room accordingly.

The Wärme designer electric heater with thermostat locks on to a temperature in the same way your climate control does in your car.

This means that your entire home remains at a comfortable temperature, rather than having hot and cold spots which can happen with traditional central heating systems with only the one thermostat.

The state-of-the-art control system built into the Wärme designer electric heater with thermostat closely monitors room temperature to ensure it’s within just 0.7 degrees of the temperature you’ve specified. This means that whatever temperature you set for your room the Wärme designer electric heater with thermostat will use just enough energy to keep it there.

Therefore, a great advantage of automated electric home heating is its incredible efficiency.  By monitoring room temperature so closely in each individual room, your heating will only ever use just enough electricity to reach the temperature you’ve set.  Compared to traditional central heating many of our customers find that they save money month on month, especially during cold snaps!

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