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June 02, 2016 Hans Müller

A kitchen heater is normally the most difficult to get right, particularly if it’s a large room with entertaining space, or open-plan to the living area like so many modern houses.  It can be a difficult room to heat with lots of variables affecting the temperature.

Kitchen Heater by Wärme Designer Glass Panel Heaters

Most obviously, cooking can greatly affect the kitchen air temperature.

As anyone who’s ever made a Sunday lunch knows, having the oven and hob on at the same time can quickly make the kitchen too hot, but opening a window to let out steam can make it cold in minutes.

If the room is open to a living or dining area, it’s also affected by (and affecting) the atmosphere in the rest of the house. This can be difficult to manage, especially with older heating systems that don’t adapt to changing conditions. 

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of the Wärme Designer Glass Panel Kitchen Heater.  It is a perfect solution for a kitchen heater as they monitor room temperature and adapt accordingly.  If the room is too warm due to cooking, the radiator will stop putting out heat immediately.  If the room becomes cold, the radiator kicks in again and uses just enough heat to get it back up to temperature.

All you have to do is set your desired heat level and let the kitchen heater take care of the rest. 

In the case of large or open-plan rooms where you have more than one heater, electric heaters are great at working together to keep the whole space comfortable.  Unlike traditional central heating where you might have to turn a radiator off to stop it giving out heat, our kitchen heaters monitor room temperature to fractions of a degree and increase or decrease their heat output accordingly.  This means everyone - whether they’re in the kitchen or at the dining table - will enjoy a comfortable environment.

Some people choose to replace their home heating all at once with Wärme electric heaters, but it’s equally common to do it one-by-one as you bring your house up to date room by room.  Kitchen refurbishments are a great opportunity to swap your old radiator for an electric kitchen heater - all you need is a plug socket nearby.  In cases where the layout of the room has changed, this is a great solution that requires no expensive plumbing.  Even better, our Wärme Designer Glass Panel Kitchen Heater has a very small profile so leaves plenty of room for your other fixtures and fittings. 

With a stylish, modern design it fits in perfectly with modern decor, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your kitchen environment.

Find out more at where you can purchase a new Wärme Kitchen Heater.

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