Heating Your Conservatory with a Wärme Designer Glass Panel Heater

May 17, 2017 Hans Müller

Conservatory heating can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it!

With property prices ever increasing, one of the easiest ways to add extra space to your home is to build a conservatory.  Costing from around £5000, it’s the most popular extension for UK homeowners - and the benefits can be tremendous. 

From entertaining guests after dinner, to snuggling up with a book when it’s raining outside, conservatories are one of the most versatile rooms in the house.  Some people see them as an extension of the home, and some use them to bring the garden indoors - the perfect place to grow indoor plants.

However you use your conservatory, one common issue is key - how exactly do you heat them?

If your conservatory doesn’t have built-in heating, you might find yourself simply opening a door to the house when it’s too cold, and opening a door to the outside when it’s too hot.  It sort of works, but it’s not great (especially if it’s raining outside!). We should really give these rooms extra thought before they’re built - how will they link to the existing house, and what will they be used for?  Can they take advantage of sunny days, or will they require extra heating?

Whatever you use your conservatory for, there’s one easy and effective heating solution - a Wärme Designer Glass Panel Heater.

The great thing about this form of conservatory heating is that electric heaters don’t need plumbing in to your central heating.  Many people live with their conservatories for a few years, pretending to be totally happy with the temperature and all the while wondering how on earth to fix it when they didn’t plumb a radiator in. 

All you really need is a plug socket nearby and a state-of-the-art Wärme Designer Glass Panel Heater can be put just about anywhere, making them perfect for existing conservatories that need a little extra heat. 

If you’re worried about space in your conservatory you might be surprised - our modern slimline digital heater measures just 80mm front to back so it’s a discreet addition to even the smallest room.  If you don’t have a wall to put it on - which is quite possible in a room made from glass - it has optional leg supports so can rest on the floor instead.

What makes the Wärme Designer Glass Panel Heater really perfect for a conservatory is its digital temperature control feature.  As soon as your desired temperature is reached, the heater lowers its heat output, meaning your conservatory is always comfortable no matter the weather outside.  Conservatories are notoriously difficult to maintain a steady temperature all year-round so this is one feature that really makes a difference.  It also saves you money as only the minimum amount of energy is used to reach the desired temperature.

Find out more at where you can purchase a new Wärme Designer Heater for Conservatory Heating.

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