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August 21, 2018 Hans Müller

The editor of Architecture Art Design, one of the internet’s leading websites on architecture, art and design, recently featured Wärme Designer Heaters on their front page with a big thumbs up and a thrilling recommendation. Cited as being "Hands down; the best designer electric heater under £400", the editor of Architecture Art Design was happy to give it a shining review thanks to the low price point, sleek design and fully-featured design at its low price point.

Praised for its sleek design and ability to fit in virtually any decor and furniture arrangement

As mentioned in the article, one of the most striking features of the Wärme Designer Heater is its appearance. Unlike many other electric heaters on the market, the Wärme Designer Heater is designed to fit in a modern household. Thanks to the neutral colours, hidden controls and pleasing logo design, the Wärme Designer Heater is able to fit in any room, under any theme and next to any decor.

It’s simply one of the best-looking electric heaters on the market and few products can hope to match its expertly-engineered design. As purveyors of fine art and architecture, it was thrilling to hear that the editor was so pleased with the design choice and how the Wärme Designer Heater is capable of being used in virtually any design and furniture configuration.

Seamless integration was one of the main design points of the Wärme Designer Heater. As per the name, it’s made to be used as not just an electric heater, but also a modern centrepiece and decoration in any room, giving it the ability to serve more than just one function. During hot months, it acts as a statement piece in the room you place it in. During the cold months, it can also heat up your room with ease.

Commended for having style and function while sacrificing neither

Another important point made in the article was how the Wärme Designer Heater is able to efficiently heat an entire room while still looking fantastic. The home appliance market today is saturated with two extremes; the product either works fantastically and looks terrible, or looks like a designer’s dream but works terribly and falls apart in a week or two.

The Wärme Designer Heater was applauded for breaking these extremes and merging style and function in a seamless and inexpensive package. With low running costs and being maintenance-free, the Wärme Designer Heater is a lifelong appliance that with an attractive and timeless design while still boasting excellent functionality.

Thanks to the attention to detail and no-compromises approach that was taken with the Wärme Designer Heater, it’s no wonder that the editor of Architecture Art Design was able to give it a shining recommendation and a big thumbs up. The low price point and excellent features only add to the experience and put it above anything else on the market—there’s simply no competition for this price.

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