Wärme Firebox - an interior designers dream

May 21, 2018 Hans Müller

As all good designers know, colour and texture coordination is everything. It’s difficult enough to find the perfect coat of paint and the best textures to place on your walls, furniture or even your appliances. Everything needs to match in order to create a harmonious colour palette that will dazzle your senses.

However, you might already know that it’s virtually impossible to do this. Have you ever wondered why televisions are usually all black, and that most electrical appliances come in either black, white or some other neutral tone? It’s because those colours can go well with virtually anything. As a general rule of thumb, neutral colours are inoffensive and can go well with any theme.

But that’s where the Wärme Firebox aims to do things differently.

This revolutionary product from Wärme will not only change the way that you view interior design but also change the industry completely.

What is the Wärme Firebox?

The Wärme Firebox is a new electric heater designed by Wärme. It’s a replacement for electric fireplaces that aims to give you all of the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace, but with the convenience of a modern-day appliance. It’s massive, it fits in virtually any room, it’s safe around children and pets and it’s also fan-assisted, meaning it can heat an entire room quickly and efficiently.

But the Wärme Firebox isn’t just a great appliance for consumers–it’s also a designer’s dream!

Sleek and slim

The first striking thing about the Wärme Firebox is that it’s sleek, slim and inoffensive. It fits in virtually any room with its dark black exterior and the only extra additions you’ll see are the Wärme logo (again, in an inoffensive colour that is easy to mix with your decor) and a couple of buttons. It can be wall mounted and doesn’t stick out like other heaters, giving it a modern feel.

The look, feel and design of the Wärme Firebox is every designer’s dream. It’s small, compact, modern and fits any colour scheme–but that’s not it.

Adjustable colours

One of the most incredible features on the Wärme Firebox is that the electronic flames can be adjusted to different colours With a voice of 8 different LED side light colours, you can create a diffused light which is perfect for different moods or just adding a touch of futuristic class to your room.

In addition to the side lights, the flames of the Wärme Firebox can also be adjusted. With red, yellow, blue, white and pink colours selectable, you can match it to the rest of your room with ease and at the push of a button. Since the Wärme Firebox is also portable, it means that you can move it around to different rooms as you see fit, or it can be wall-mounted as a permanent appliance.

The Wärme Firebox is a designer’s best friend. On the surface, it’s a sleek and eye-catching device, but if you want to explore its colour options and match it to the rest of your room, it comes with several settings and customizable colours that will make it a breeze to match with your furniture and decor.

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